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LS1046A :  Discrete DDR4 General Questions

Question asked by Maxime guillot on Mar 25, 2020
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I develop a custom board with the LS1046A CPU.


We would like to use 2GB of DDR4 memory +ECC for our custom board.


I have connected 3x DDR4 MT40A512M16TB-062E:J memory (1GB, 512*16) from Micron on the LS1046A CPU DDR memory interface.


My questions:


1) Is it ok to use only D1_MCS0_B, D1_ODT0, D1_MCKE0 and D1_MBG0 signals with D1_MCK0 clock for the 3 DDR memory as the LS1046 Freeway board ?


2) In the schematic of the LS1046 Freeway board, on the ECC DDR4, unused DQ line are left unconnected

Whereas, in the Hardware and Layout Design Considerations for DDR4 SDRAM Memory Interfaces, it is wrote :

"When 16-bit DRAM is used for ECC byte lane, ensure the eight unused DQ pins are pulled up. Strobes DQS,nDQS and DM inputs should be tied via resistor to their nonactive power levels (GND or VDD)."

What is the best way to do?


3) According to Hardware and Layout Design Considerations for DDR4 SDRAM Memory Interfaces :

"If multiple physical banks are needed, double stack (top and bottom) the banks to prevent lengthy and undesirable address/cmd topologies."

Is one physical banks => one DDR4 chip?

What is double stack? Is it one DDR4 on top and one on bottom of the PCB at the same coordonate x-y?


4) I see on the LS1046A Freeway baord schematic that DDR_VTT has its decoupling capacitors with GVDD with no bulk capacitor. Why is these capacitors are not connected between DDR_VTT and GND? What is the best way to do? None of the documentation I have found talk about this kind of decoupling.

Why no bulk capacitor (47-220uF) as mention in Hardware and Layout Design Considerations for DDR4 SDRAM Memory Interfaces?


Thank you