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My collection of CF Lite (V3.2) modifications that I believe make it better...

Discussion created by Marc Vandenhende on Apr 13, 2009
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I have been using Coldfire Lite for about a year now, starting with V2, then V3.0 and now V3.2. During that time I have run into a number of issues which I have tried to solve the best I could. I have posted some of those modifications here already in the past weeks/months.


I have now collected all these modifications in a single document (see attachment). I haven't put a lot of time in the formatting of the document, I just made sure everything is there with some explanation.

I will also send this document to Freescale using a service request so they may consider using the modifications in future releases of Coldfire Lite.


If you're interested, I can always send you a copy of Coldfire Lite V3.2 with all modifications applied. Just send me a message with a request.



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