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How to use a LAN cable for I2C and SPI?

Question asked by Mark Stevens on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Diego Charles

I have a situation where I need to have an I2C master drive multiple I2C slaves over distances of 1 foot to 50 feet. Specifically I want to use CAT-6 shielded cable to run the following:

  • Power: 12v, GND
  • I2C: SDA, SCL

I'm currently looking at the P82B715 for the I2C bus, but I don't have a solution for the SPI bus.  


Also, on the I2C bus, the Master operates at 3.3v while the Slaves operate at 5v. 



  1. Is there a single chip (or two chip) solution to support the data lines at this distance range?
  2. If we use the P82B715 can the Master and Slave operate at different voltages by just having Vcc-master at 3.3v and Vcc-slave at 5v? 


Thanks for the help!