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How do I initialize MX RT1015-EVK FLEXSPI?

Question asked by on Mar 24, 2020
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In order to use external flash of MX RT1015-EVK, I am trying to learn how to use flexspi. First, I use flexspi_nor_polling_transger which is the SDK example of MX RT1015-EVK. When I run this code on my board, and there are no errors. In order to do something in C++, I create a new project which is written by C++ to test flexspi. At first this program had no problems. Once I add BOARD_InitBootPeripherals() in my code and start to debug on my board, there has some hard fault. These errors seem to come from FLEXSPI_Init(). I try to modify the parameters to the same as the example, but problem still exists. Could someone please teach me how to use or initialize flexspi on MX RT1015-EVK? Or could someone please show me some example code about flexspi MX RT1015-EVK?