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S32k142 Device is Secure

Question asked by Emanuele Virgillito on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by Dirk Akemann

Good Morning,

Yesterday I received an S32k142 microcontroller. I flashed in some example code using OpenSDA debugger provided by S32DS IDE. I debugged it several times, and since everything was working like it was expected I took a break. When I was back I tried to connect with the debugger without changing the code. The IDE shows me a window with the following error message: Device is permanently secured (Mass Erase is Disabled). Try to unsecure anyways?. 
Since then, even if I answer "Yes" the popup is just shown once more. I also tried to enable  Emergency Kinetis Device Recovery by full chip erase but I still cannot connect debugger to the board even if the debugger shows the correct serial number for it.

Thanks in advance for your help