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U-boot CAAM Secure Boot issue

Question asked by Wendi Whitcomb on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Wendi Whitcomb

Secure boot on IMX8mm.  I have successfully followed the Android security manual and I have HAB4 and AVB (Android Verified Boot) working on the evk board (IMX8mm mini).  I have now ported to our custom board and I am getting an initial failure on the CAAM. I believe it may have something to do with the clocks as I hesitated to upgrade them.  The issue is I am not exactly able to see in the code where this function is (I think it may be one of the binaries). Question what change to I need to make to get this to initialize correctly?  Log below -- initial error in bold:



Authenticate image from DDR location 0x401fcdc0...

welcome to lk/MP

boot args 0x2000000 0xbe000000 0x2000 0x0
generic_arm64_map_regs: failed -5 name=gic
initializing trusty (Built: 09:53:15 Aug 6 2019)
Initializing Trusted OS SMC handler
avb: 285: Initializing AVB App
int rebuild_hset_all(struct uctx *):250: Rebuilding all handles set
hwcrypto: 222: Initializing
caam_drv: 315: job failed (0x2000055b)
hwrng_caam: 44: Init HWRNG service provide


Thanks in advance imx8mm u-boot