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What is the cheapest iMX product to support active tamper?

Question asked by Youngjoo Kim on Mar 22, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Rita Wang

I am looking for the cheapest imx product supported by Active Tamper.

Looking at the application notes (AN12210), imx7D supports active/passive tampers and iMX6UL supports passive tampers.

However, looking up the data on the Internet, it seems that imx6 also has a product with Active tamper support.

1. iMX7D and iMX7S are known as Pin to Pin, but imx7S does not support Active tamper?
2. What data do I need to use Active Tamper with my client company?
3. And does NDA need to receive data?
    If necessary, please let me know about the procedure.
4. Please recommend me the cheapest product with Active tamper support.