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RT1060 SDK DCP CRC32 problem

Question asked by zhang tz on Mar 22, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

In RT1060 SDK DCP demo, the CRC32 testing (void TestCrc32(void))  runs OK. But after I copied the CRC32 related codes to my own project, void TestCrc32(void) fails in "TEST_ASSERT(memcmp(output, crc32, outLength) == 0);". i.e., the output is incorrect.


I also realized that if i disable data cache, then void TestCrc32(void) is good. However, after I moved the DCP output area to non-cahce area (the last 2 M of sdram), it still fails.


But I've seen some discussions here saying if DCP writes to non-cache places, it should work fine. 


Could anyone please help to check why my void TestCrc32(void) fails?


BTW, how can I confirm if an area is really no-cacheable?