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ls1046 --First slot cannot be empty.

Question asked by qi fei on Mar 20, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by ufedor

买了一块开发板,自己从官网上下载的lsdk,并使用flex-builder -i mkfw -m ls1043ardb -b sd,命令编译除了一个firmware镜像,烧写到SD卡后,插到开发板上,设置SD卡启动后,串口只打印了以下内容,不知道要修改哪些东西,求指导

ERROR: First slot cannot be empty.
ERROR: Parsing DIMM Error
ERROR: DDR init failed.
NOTICE: Incorrect DRAM0 size is defined in platfor_def.
ERROR: mmap_add_region_check() failed. error -22
ERROR: mmap_add_region_check() failed. error -22
NOTICE: BL2: v1.5(release):LSDK-19.09-dirty
NOTICE: BL2: Built : 18:39:23, Mar 19 2020