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simultaneous  connecctions of BLE

Question asked by yanpo li on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by Xing Chang


I want to use KW36 as central to connect several BLE keys. And I have referred the DOC "Multiple Connections in Bluetooth LE Central Device ". This demo looks like, each time only one BLE temp sensor can be connected to central, not simultaneously. Or If I want to connect to next temp sensor, do I have to disconnect the previous BLE sensor?

If KW36 can connect them simultaneously, how long the period should be? is 30ms ok or too short?

Second, if KW36 can connect them simultaneously, can KW36 share all the connections information to other KW36 which work as GFSK or monitor at the same time? I mean whether the monitor can follow several connection channels at the same time? or I only can follow one connection channel each time, and next time KW36 central must share the another connection information to BLE monitor? Thank you.

for in the PEPS, you must make sure the key is connected with one central, then the central share the connection information to other BLE monitors. All the monitors must work simultaneously to locate the key.



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