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i.MX8QM   PMIC_ON_REQ control

Question asked by petep Employee on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by petep

Customer: John Deere

Device:  mx8qm



John Deere is wondering what all can cause the PMIC_ON_REQ line of the mx8qm to go high.  They can force it low through the SCFW by calling SNVS_PowerOff() but they cannot find a way to set it back high.

They have multiple inputs that can turn on the PMIC power and they have these OR'd together.  The problem is that these other inputs can turn on the PMIC power but they see that the PMIC_ON_REQ stays low.  They need this to come high when they start up. 

Is there a way to control this pin directly with the mx8?

what can all drive this pin low?

what can drive this pin high?