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More FLEXIO configurations in the Config tools?

Question asked by Robert Vause on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by Jing Pan

Will NXP add more MCUXpresso configurations for custom peripherals to the Config tools for the FLEXIO that supports parallel peripheral operation that is available on some mid to high end Kinetis processors? 


Examples such as

1. RGB + VSync + HSync graphics controller - useful if the part you've selected doesn't inherently have a graphics controller. An old K60 Apps Note covered this subject, but it was never added as a custom peripheral in the MCUXpresso config tools

2. 8080/68k Parallel Bus - again, this is mentioned in many Kinetis/K32 datasheets as a possible use of the FLEXIO, yet it isn't available as a custom peripheral in MCUXpresso Config tools

3. 1-Bit Sigma Delta modulator input or output - several analogue converter manufacturers make Sigma delta ADCs and DACs with a 1-bit + clock input or output that could be implemented using the FLEXIO port as a method of getting the data in and out of the MCU. It might be possible to use a global clock and several 1-bit ports to support several channels in the FLEXIO. These converters are used in Motor control and in Power measurement and could be added as a custom peripheral for MCUXpresso

4. Parallel Data Converter Input or output port - many higher speed external ADCs and DACs use a parallel interface that is very similar to the 8080 Bus, but with some extra timing signals that could be implemented with FLEXIO. Converters from companies like Linear Tech, ADI, and TI. Normally these converters need to be connected to an FPGA due to the special parallel interface, but I am sure the FLEXIO could be configured to connect to these converters. Once again, this could be added to the MCUXpresso Config tools as a custom peripheral

5. Pulse Density Modulator input or output  (PDM) - many MEMS microphones or Class D audio amplifiers use this method of data transfer and this peripheral is not featured on many Kinetis MCUs. Once again, this could be implemented using FLEXIO and added as a custom peripheral in the MCUXpresso Config tools


I am sure with some thinking you could come up with more custom peripherals that could be accomplished with the FLEXIO and added to the MCUXpresso Config tools