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USB Serial Drivers Needed for odd system

Question asked by Guest on Apr 10, 2009
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I'm working with a robot system (RoboSapien RS Media) which has a USBNet feature. From what we figured out, you're supposed to be able to connect the USB cable from the robot to the computer and be able to telnet in.


However, the computer needs a usb-serial driver. (on the robot, this is a module called mx1ads_usbserial.o)


In Windows Vista, the driver can't be found. In Ubuntu Desktop 8.04, the USB device is not recognized. The only thing I can figure out is that it comes up attached as a "Motorola Semiconductors HK USB Device" in VMWare Server.


The system is using linux in an ARM (Dragonball, I think) processor. iMXL, MC9328MXL


Can anyone point me into the right direction to get this part of the USB device working? I'm just only concerned with hooking the robot side's mx1ads_usbserial (whatever usb device it's hooking up to) to a PC computer running Vista or Ubuntu 8.04 (or whatever linux will work).


(NOTE: WowWee refuses to have anything to do with this product. They already discontinued it and will not discuss this issue - I've already tried emailing them. They will not provide any other drivers or support other than the poorly-functioning macro editor on their web site which is not very useful for our purposes).


This is for a special project where we're trying to get the USBNet function to work so we can document how to do it and what it does.