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Using the PN7150 and reducing the NCI library for a ARM C0

Question asked by Joachim Kroeger on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Joachim Kroeger

I want to port the NCI-library to a non-NXP ARM core CPU with Bluetooth interface. What I found, was a project for such a core and the NCO library seems to use the free/open Source RTOS.
My starting point was MCUXpresso, the project was compiled and linked for a similar NXP CPU. 
My question is, where I can strip down the library in order to reduce the code amount, when I limit the functionality to just reading the UID of the tag - no memory reads or writes, only type V tags (ISO 15993) from NXP. No secure transactions, to emulation of a card. Just reading the UID and that's it. 
Help and hints are welcome!