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KW36 can switch Central / peripheral?

Question asked by Daniel Tseng on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río

Continuing the previous question,
Now there is an idea:
    We want to integrate the two OTA updates as following
          A. BLE Demo Applications User Guide.pdf , ch 5.19.5 with IOT toolbox
          B. BLE Demo Applications User Guide.pdf , ch 5.19.4 with Test tool


Based on the original two OTAs update(A. B.), the architecture is modified as follows





Step 1:
    Master(pre-burn BL+AP1).
    AP1 and AP2 are packaged into one Image(AP1+AP2).
    Master (AP1) [ use the receive function in "bootloader_otap" ]  for receive Image from the OTA phone.
Step 2:
    OTA update from phone to external Flash via Master(AP1) with one package(AP1+AP2).

    The purpose is to transfer data to external flash for storage.
Step 3:
    After reset the Master, the Master(Bootloader) will update Master(AP1) from external flash to AP1.
Step 4:
    Master(AP1) reads external flash and send AP2 to 4 Slave via OTA.
Step 5:
    After Slave(Bootloader) receiving the Image(AP2) from the Master, Slave does the Image update by itself.


   1. Because Master(AP1) needs to be in a different role (peripheral or central),

       can Master(AP1) be switched from peripheral to central without reset chip?
   2. What function to switch between the two roles?