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RT1052 ADC function in low power run mode

Question asked by tom fang on Mar 18, 2020
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I run into an issue of the ADC which doesn't work in low power run mode (all PLLs are disabled except for PLL2 bypass 24M XTALOSC, core runs at 24MHz frequency), but it's fine in full speed mode. I thought some settings of ADC clock might be incorrect. Having tried different clock sources (ADACK and IPG(12M)), ADC High Speed Configuration(ADHSC) isn't enabled and ADC1/2 clock gates are enabled, no any improvement. Is ADC able to work in low power run mode? If so, what else I can try? Thank you!

Case 1, use default settings (ADACK clock), it works in full speed run mode, but not low power run mode.

ADC_Init(ADC_BASE, &adcConfigStrcut);

Case 2, use 12MHz IPG clock, only tried in low power run mode, it doesn't work.

adcConfigStrcut.enableAsynchronousClockOutput = false;
adcConfigStrcut.clockSource = kADC_ClockSourceIPG;
ADC_Init(ADC_BASE, &adcConfigStrcut);