Aditya kiran R.S Mangipudi

Need your help with MC9S12DT256B (printing integers or characters in sequence on the LCD display)

Discussion created by Aditya kiran R.S Mangipudi on Apr 9, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2009 by Ravi Kashi

Hello, I was looking a demo application for MC9S12DT256B which prints characters & strings onto the LCD display using LCDPutString() and LCDPutChar() function.


(a)  My requirement is to print integers in a loop (say i = 0 to i = 10) onto the LCD display. Can you kindly help me out with this? I tried a number of ways to implement it, but unfornately none of them worked.


(b) As I can print characters using LCDPutChar function, is it possible to print the characters on the LCD display in sequence by incrementing the ascii values? Please help me out with this.