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BOOT OPTIONS ON iMX8M mini board

Question asked by giacomo biancalani on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by Mrudang Shelat



I need a clarification about boot options on iMX8M mini processor.

I am developing a custom Board based on iMX8M mini. I have 2 BOOT options.

- eMMC (on uSDHC3). In this case NVCC_NAND = 1,8V

- uSD port (on uSDHC2). In this case NVCC_SD2 =3.3V


I also have NVCC_SD1=3,3V.


I have some doubts about BOOT_CFG[6:4] and BOOT_CFG[3:1].

BOOT_MODE referred to 1,8V and the other pins referred to 3,3V. Is it ok?

Is it correct attached table?