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Problem with RT1010EVK and DMA Audio Examples

Question asked by Victor Casado on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by Kerry Zhou


I want to implement an audio application, I have started with the sai_edma_record_playback example because I want DMA transfers, but from a MicroSD to the Audio Output.


I see that that example first initializes all the peripherals, and then in an infinite loop, first fills the xfer data structure, and then if plays, ok, but now:


How can I switch the audio rx source of the DMA interrupt from the MIC of the EVK board, to an SD connected trought I2C or SPI, and then how can I implement simple functions such as play, pause, go ahead and go back in the track?


I have the Audio data stored in WAV in the SD, I know the starting addresses of the files that I want to play and the size of the data.


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