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rtwdog and debug mode - imxrt1021

Question asked by Ellen Stacey on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Alexis Andalon

I'm running the rtwdog example with the debug target trying to debug and the interrupt is set to not be enabled during debug mode.  It counts and even kicks off the debugger when it fires so I have to wonder is there a different sort of debug mode that I'm not aware of or is the watchdog  behaving incorrectly?  The user manual says something about debug mode in relation to JTAG.  Is debug mode not entered without JTAG?


Additionally, I'm not seeing the interrupt at all.  I set a break point in it and I put a printf statement there to see a message on the console from the interrupt vector.


---edit---Looking further into this, I think the demo project has some problems.  WDOG1 works fine, however.  Still runs when the debugger runs, so I would love to have an answer to that problem.  I'm also concerned the 0.5s granularity of WDOG1 won't suit our needs so if the other rtwdog watchdog issues can be identified, that would be much appreciated.