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CSE2 MPC5777C MCAL 4.3 : CSM Stack (Missing 'Job config structure')

Question asked by Lakshmi Kanth on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Nam Nguyen Viet

1) Hi Team NXP, 


We need your answer for the following query: 


[Query] Is the second param that needs to be passed for below API i.e Job Configuration Structure shall be auto-generated by EB_Tresos configuration or it needs to be defined manually by Developer using type: Crypto_JobType

--->            [API] : Crypto_ProcessJob ( uint32 objectId, Crypto_JobType*  job);


[Context] For a CSM Stack : (CSM, Cry-If, Crypto) configured using MCAL4.3_CRYPTO_P1, to achieve Job Processing for SYNC_AES_ENCRYPT_AND_DECRYPT, the JOB_CONFIGURATION_STRUCTURE is not generated. 

[Explanation] The following image shows the CSM_JOB_CONFIG_INSTANCE which is expected to generate a CONFIG_STRUCTURE post generation but is found missing in : 'Crypto_Cfg.c', 'Crypto_Cfg.h'. 


[Query] So, with ref to above image, Can I expect a 'JOB_CONFIG_STRUCTURE' to get generated in 'Crypto_Cfg.c' file as per above config and references given in it for Keys and Cry_Primitives ?

- If not a job is generated of type 'Crypto_JobType Job' based on the configuration already made in tool, do developer need to manually update the structure and pass it to below API. 

--->            [API] : Crypto_ProcessJob ( uint32 objectId, Crypto_JobType*  job); 

- Also, please let me know on next CRYPTO_MCAL_Plugins update if possible which might address this issue.  

- Request you to respond ASAP  


Thanks in advance for understanding our need.



Lakshmi Kanth (Senior Research Engineer) Lukas Zadrapa