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Saving variables to eeprom - mc9s12c32

Discussion created by Mark Shughart on Apr 9, 2009
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I have the hsc12mc9s12c32 and am trying to save a variable to eeprom (or flash) in case of power outage. I have seen some forum posts looking for the same thing, but no one seems to be able to point to a good tutorial. I have read the manual, but cannot find FDATA or FADDR registers anywhere in the c definitions in codewarrior. The application notes (especially flash.c) seem to be trying to do what I want, but it looks like they are just using a pointer to point to the memory block they want. This causes my program to die and me to have to reprogram the circuit. Can anyone point to a good place to look because I'm just getting more questions than answers. Saving a variable should be simple I would think.






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