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Error (Failed to Execute MI Command) for bare-metal program

Question asked by Thomas Morrison on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Pavel Chubakov

Before I start - Yes, I have googled and read many posts about this issue, but I did 

not find an article that answers posed kin this post





I have professional version of CodeWarrior (Development Studio for QorIQ) connect to a

Custom LS1043A-RGW via a CodeWarrior Tap (brand new). I have the Software Switches

set to boot from SD Card (and I have an SD Card that apparently has proper RCW settings

written (I will be asking a question about this later))


I am using default <xxxx>\ARMV8\gdb\bin\aarch64-fsl-gdb.exe for debug and

have successfully debugged some programs (see below), but while try to run a

simple DDR-based bare-metal application and I get:


   Error in final launch sequence
   Failed to execute MI command:
   load C:\\Users\\xxxxx\\eclipse-workspace\\b4\\Debug\\b4.elf

   Error message from debugger back end:
   Load failed
   Load failed


Here are the steps to re-create. 

  • Run QCVS DDR and I have a set of optimized settings for DDR - cool too!
  • I have run a program out of OCRAM and have DDR initialized using the

       QCVS DDR source output

    • target init script (
    • simple program (running out of OCRAM) that calls the init DDR routine inside of InitDdrRegisters_1.c
  • I have run extensive DDR Tests and the DDR is running correctly
  • I created a simple DDR Bare-metal Hello world (from CodeWarrior Stationary Projects) - kusing
  • I tried using both the "Connect (Reset /init DDR)" option to connect to the board - success (DDR is working)
  • I tried the "Diagnose Connection" option - it completes successfully
  • With the same Custom Target Connection, I try to debug the DDR Bare-metal application, and I get the above error.




Attached is the diagnostic info (including a picture of this posting along with the Error in Codewarrior screen)