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TPMS over-the-air software update.

Question asked by 0125 lg on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by Anthony Fu

     I'm working on a TPMS project, The chip used is FXTH87E. I'm debugging the wireless software upgrade, I downloaded embedded software in FXTH87E location, LF/RF BootLoader. I didn't understand the application manual, and I felt that the steps of the project explanation were not detailed enough.

     Must the active controller use Kinetis MKW01Z128 MCU? I now have a TPMS maintenance detection device that can send a low-frequency signal of 125k. However, I used CW11.1 to burn TPMS_BtLdr_1 on FXTH87E for debugging, and found no reaction in the debugging interface. Can FXTH87E be activated by 125k low frequency signal? 

     How to activate FXTH87E with 125k low frequency signal?

     One more question, What is the role of cu8BootEntryKey in the TPMS_BtLdr_1 project code? Is this key required between the device sending low frequency signal and FXTH87E receiving low frequency signal?