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Regarding Higher read range in SLRC610 (CLEV6630B)

Question asked by Manan Patel on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by Ricardo Zamora


Greetings of the day!


I am using CLEV6630B V2.0 board with nxp reader library (I changed the CLRC663 IC to SLRC610).

As per the ISO15693 protocol documentation, range of ISO15693 is 1 meter. But i am getting only 14 cm.

Also i changed the Gain register of SLRC610 chip, but there is no improvement in range.

So for higher range what changes i have to do?


And also i read in NXP Website about SLRC610 is that 

Not recommended for new designs. For new designs, please use recommended product CLRC663 plus.

Why it is not recommended for new designs?


In our application we require two protocol for RFID: ISO15693, ISO18000-3

Is there any other alternative for SLRC610 for higher read range?


Your quick reply would be highly appreciated.


Thank You!