Howard Lehman

K10  Slow Power Application of VDD causes lockup

Discussion created by Howard Lehman on Mar 16, 2020

Experiencing power lockup of K10 LQ12 part.   Over heats immensely. 

Trying to make it clear to community, this is mature product in Alpha Beta production.  The strange problem surfaced after a PCB layout change to other areas of the PCB, not directly to I/O of MPU.    Prior to this revision, there has been no occurence of this problem. 


The term "lockup" means that upon power application to the device it does not start running code, instead it gets too hot to touch.  However, once removed from the machine, which difficult an compromising to the quality of the assembly, the MPU powers up and runs code properly with no obvious issues.  This is not a solder short.  


The NXP Service Support suggested, rightly so how to isolate the problem.   However,  the problem occurring in 3 different machines that have other ongoing design verification work,  can not become test beds for what if approach to this problem. and hence is impractical. ways to isolate condition which were impractical.