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Debug on S32K144 with IAR and Multi-Link Universal

Question asked by Takahiro Kataoka on Mar 16, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2020 by Takahiro Kataoka

Hi Readers.


I have a trouble with debugging on S32K144.
Please anyone help me.


IAR embedded Workbench, ver8.11.2.13606


Option settings are
<Debugger> -> <setting> -> Driver is “PE Micro”
<Debugger> -> <download> -> check “verify” and “use Flash loader”


PE Micro, Multi Link Universal, FW ver.1029
Interface pins between debugger and S32K144 are SWDIO, SWCLK, RESETB, VCC, GND.


When I push “Download and debug”,
IDE outputs warning log “Target inconsistency detected in Memory range 0x00000004-0x000003F9”
and “Target inconsistency detected in Memory range0x00000411-0x0000E8DF”
I think that these means Flash was not updated.
But IDE starts to debug wiht old FW, and I can push “step in” or else.


What do I check first?


If I use another environment,
Such as IDE is Keil uVision5 , Debugger is ULINK2,
Flash update will be success.
So, I think Interface has no problems.