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How to use eDMA receive Interrupt ?

Question asked by 王 从伟 on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by Daniel Martynek

LPUART configuration is :

Transfer type select DMA , Baudrate is 500000 ,  RX use DMA channel 1,  TX use DMA channel 0. 


eDMA configuration is :

two DMA channel : channel 0 request is LPUART0_TX,  channel 1 request is LPUART0_RX.


SW code is :

Use “LPUART_DRV_ReceiveData(INST_LPUART0, (UINT8 *)DataBuf, DataLen)” to receive UART data.


But the SW can’t run to LPUART_DRV_RxIrqHandler().


SW can go to “LPUART_DRV_TxCompleteIrqHandler()” when use “LPUART_DRV_SendData(INST_LPUART0, (UINT8 *)DataBuf, DataLen)” to send UART data.