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kw36 connection interval,slave latency supersiontimeout set

Question asked by yuan xiao on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río

hi, dear nxp fae

    i am using a kw36 freedom board. used the SDK2.2.1 and run some examples. i want to change the three parameter connection interval, slave latency and superisontimeout. but i found there are many MACRO relate to this 3 parameter.

such as: 


#define gcConnectionIntervalMin_c                  (0x000C) //(0x0006)
#define gcConnectionIntervalMax_c                  (0x000C) //(0x0C80)
#define gcConnectionSlaveLatencyMax_c             (0x0000)  //(0x01F3)
#define gcConnectionSupervisionTimeoutMin_c          (0x0C80)      //(0x000A)
#define gcConnectionSupervisionTimeoutMax_c          (0x0C80)     //(0x0C80)


#define gcConnectionIntervalMinDefault_c            (12)//(40)

#define gcConnectionIntervalMaxDefault_c            (12)//(160)

#define gcConnectionSlaveLatencyDefault_c           (0)



/*! Default connection latency: 0 */
#define gGapDefaultConnectionLatency_d      0x0000
/*! Default supervision timeout: 10s */
#define gGapDefaultSupervisionTimeout_d          0x0C80//0x03E8 chang 10 to 32s
/*! Default minimum connection interval: 100ms */
#define gGapDefaultMinConnectionInterval_d       0x000C  //0x0050 change to 0x000C
/*! Default maximum connection interval: 200ms */
#define gGapDefaultMaxConnectionInterval_d       0x000C// 0x00A0 change to 0x000C



how can change them such as connection interval =15ms ,slave latency 6ms superision timeout =32s 

should i only need to change the "*Default*" or ("*Max*" and "*Min*")  or both,please give me a precise modification.thank you!