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how to use Can_SetFilter by mailbox

Question asked by zhanlong xu on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by zhanlong xu

Hi, now I develop CAN module based on S32R274 FLEXCAN and I have met a problem,

 I set CAN payload to 64 byte and CAN Rx configured as interrupt,not FIFO.

I set mailbox4 to receive CANID 0x002 ,

mailbox5 to receive CANID 0x203/0x213(mask 0xFFFFFFEF),

mailbox6 to receive 0x215.

when I init mailbox5, I call Can_SetFilter with mask 0xFFFFFFEF

And I print the mailbox index when I receiving 0x002/0x203/0x213/0x215,

I received 0x002 first ,then received 0x203/0x213/0x215 in order, I found the mailbox is 4-4-4-4,not 4-5-5-6

I don't know why,can you help me to understand?

Is the way I use the api-Can_SetFlter wrong?