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LPC Link2 debug i.MX RT1052 EVKB failed

Question asked by steven zhang on Mar 14, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2020 by steven zhang


I bought a LPC Link2 hardware and used it to debug i.MX RT1052 EVKB board, but I met some issues.

Before start debug, the LPC LInk2 can be found. see below pic

and next steps, download image, and stop in main function, are all OK. but when I click go button, after a while, there is an error, see below pic

then I have no any chance to debug rt1052 evkb board, even I terminal this debug session and restart.

below pic is debug console infomations when I debug rt1052 evkb board.

when I restart debug, the LPC Link2 DAP cannot be found.

I tried many times, no one time I successed. 

other infomation:

I connect LPC Link2 board  J7 port  to i.MX RT1052 evkb board JTAG port using an adapt board, below is the adapt board schematic and my hardware connection.

the MCUXpresso IDE version I used is V11.1.0.


What's wrong with this?  Is my LPC Link2 board broken?