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Random reboot on the i.mx8mq

Question asked by Sheldon Rucker on Mar 13, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Omkar Dandekar

We have a custom board that's running an i.MX8M processor.  The board is running a variation of P9.0.0_v2.0.0_GA modified to work with our custom hardware.  When running the board will reboot randomly.  The board will be up from anywhere between 2 hours to a couple of weeks before the reboot occurs.  The reboot appears to be caused by the software not being able to service the watchdog as when we disable the watchdog the board hangs instead of rebooting.  Therefore, it appears that something is causing the processor to lockup.


Has anyone seen this type of issue?  On our past boards this type of issue has been DRAM related.  However, as this is a off-the-shelf SoM we don't have much control of the DRAM configuration settings. Has anyone seen this type of issue in their custom i.MX8M boards or on the NXP provided developer boards. 


If anyone has seen this issue what steps did they take to fix it?


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