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Ble Kw41z multiple peripheral device at the same time

Question asked by marco mangraviti on Mar 12, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by marco mangraviti

Hello everyone,

i'm trying to modify a device with Ble stack inside a kw41z that use wireless uart nxp demo. My fw is ok and it "speaks" with a smartphone app without problems.

Now i need to program more of one device (currently only two devices) at the same times with two different smartphone that use the same app.

In the first step i changed the "shortened local name" in the gapAdStructure_t inside app_config.c file. I also changed the "public device address"in gBDAddress_c[6] array (BD_ADDR macro).

With this mods the app is able to view the different devices with the same firmware but it works bad. For example, if i switch on both devices and if i connect a device with app, when i switchoff the other, the first does a disconnection from the app.

i'm trying to change the uuid128 of the uuid_service_wireless_uart but i'm not shure if this a correct procedure.

How can i do?

Thank youMarco