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QSPI Flash access for MIMXRT1064

Question asked by T. Y. on Mar 11, 2020
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I am using the MIMXRT1064 with QSPI flash on IAR with EWARM IDE.


Base project



My QSPI flash manual:


I am using the flexspi_nor project from the EWARM as a base project to test code to program and erase the QSPI flash.



1) If chip erase is applied with the sample settings, values other than 0xFF (mostly 0x22) will be written to the first 1Byte of each page.(ADP and ADS bits of QSPI Flash reads "1".)
Also, when the page program was performed and the written address was read again, it was found that the written value was lost by 2 bytes.

Is this a problem with the sequence to register in the LUT?


2) If so, what settings can be changed to read and write correctly?


Any help is appreciated, thanks.



1.After chip erase


2.Write buffer


3.Read buffer