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S32DS ARM 2.2 - update and use of ARM2.0 procje

Question asked by Manuel Kauf on Mar 11, 2020

in my current project i use S32DS 2.0 ARM with the SDK 0.8.6 i want update this.. 


Okay i tryed to download the newest S32 Design Studio for ARM 2.2 (with the date 2020-01.29 ) ... so its the newest one i can find...


I install it in a clean vm. After the install i tryed to open it... (i tryed it several times, new install on host, on several vms ...) to get the latest updates i tryed "help -> check for updates" but i get every time following error..


No repository found at

yeah .. lgfiles does not exist... (its a new install?!?)

Try to add some new "Available Software" results in the same error ... 


Has someone a tip for me. what I'm doing wrong???