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BEE for boot image and user data

Question asked by Ken Su on Mar 11, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2020 by Felipe García


I am using 1015RT, I have some BEE question,


There are 2 BEE engines for boot image encrypt, and there are also BEE API which can be call from application to decrypt data. Each BEE engine can encrypt 3 regions.


My question is Can I use one BEE engine for boot image and use another BEE engine to decrypt the data in Flash in my application at the same time?


Here are my usage scenarios:

1. PC Use NXP tool the encrypt the boot image with BEE0

2. Use mfgtool to write the BEE0 boot image to flash base address.  

3. PC Use NXP tool the encrypt the secret user data with BEE1.

4. Use mfgtool to write the BEE1 secret user data to another location in flash ex: flash base address + offset.

5. In my application, I call BEE API to decrypt the BEE1 encrypt user data in Flash to SRAM, and I send the decrypt data out ex: UART.


Is it possible?