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[S32K144] Reset when OTP read is done frequently

Question asked by pekor on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2020 by pekor

Hello community,


I have a problem when with my S32K144 device when want to do quick sequence of reading out OTP section.


I use NXP SDK Flash Driver function ("FLASH_DRV_ReadOnce") for that, which I call 8 times to readout the whole OTP section (8 records with 8 bytes of data). Sometimes when I do this I get reset of the device. And it's hard to tell what is the root-cause of this reset. Debugger goes crazy when I want to do step-by-step debug. Last thing I catch is that I get en error state in in this call:

* Function Name : FLASH_DRV_CommandSequence
* Description : Perform command write sequence on Flash.
* It is internal function, called by driver APIs only.

static status_t FLASH_DRV_CommandSequence(const flash_ssd_config_t * pSSDConfig)
status_t ret = STATUS_SUCCESS; /* Return code variable */

/* Clear CCIF to launch command */

/* Wait till CCIF bit is set
* Serve callback function as often as possible

if (NULL_CALLBACK != pSSDConfig->CallBack)
/* Temporarily disable compiler's check for ROM access call from within a ram function.
* The use of a function pointer type makes this check irrelevant.
* Nevertheless, it is imperative that the user-provided callback be defined in RAMSECTION */


/* Check if an error is occurred */
ret = STATUS_ERROR; //<< BP here

return ret;

The place when I can catch something is in "ret = STATUS_ERROR" line.

But I don't know if that is a false positive, because when I look into the FTFxFSTAT it contains no error. When doing step-by-step debugging, I cannot exit this function call, and it goes back to error checking few times and then I got the reset.


Issue can be also reproduced when using only 1 record and do cycle readout.


Does anyone know what could possibly be a problem here?

Or maybe someone know how to trace the issue right?



MCU: S32K144_64

IDE: S32DS 2018.R1 with ProcessorExpert

Debugger: J-Link

SDK: RTM 2.0.0

Project build config: FLASH


Kind regards,

Piotr K.