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Ethernet in External SDRAM Help

Question asked by Kamal Nasif on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Daniel Chen



I am working on a project which involves using the Ethernet in external SDRAM. I am using Keilv5 Pro edition with a custom board based off the MIMXRT1050 demo board. 


I used the Keil network demo project to test the Ethernet in QSPI flash and it works fine. When I try to use the Ethernet in SDRAM, it does not work. It appears that the Ethernet is not being initialized correctly. The Keil network configuration involves using RTOS2. I need all the project code to be stored and executed in external SDRAM. 


I am having the same issue on the MIMXRT1050 demo board in which the network Ethernet works when run through QSPI flash but when I try the same thing in external RAM, it does not work. I believe it has to do with the RTOS memory being used or memory speed differences between the QSPI flash and SDRAM. 


Is there something that needs to be set up or changed when using the Ethernet in external SDRAM?