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i.MX6ULL ethernet interface not working

Question asked by Ranjith Kumar on Mar 10, 2020
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We are using i.MX6ULL processor in our custom board with DP83849ID as our Ethernet Phy chip. We are having 2 Ethernet interfaces connected to the phy chip working in RMII mode and the phy chip will provide the reference clock to the processor. We found in the reference design that the processor provides the clock to the phy chip, so what are the software configurations we need to change in our design?

When we are connecting the board to the laptop via one of the Ethernet port by creating a static IP connection, it is showing as "Connection established" print in the laptop and in the board console also we are able to see "Link is Up - 100Mbps/Full - flow control rx/tx". But when we try to ping to the laptop from the board or vice versa it is showing as "Destination Host unreachable". We found that there is no increase in the RX and TX bytes when we give ifconfig command in board's console.


When we set GPR1 General Purpose Register (IOMUXC_GPR_GPR1) bit [17,18] and bit [13,14] only we are finding the increase in RX and TX bytes in ifconfig command but that too ping is not happening. We had checked the packet received using Wireshark in laptop also but we can't find any packet regarding the ping with source ip as the one we had set in the board. When we clear the bit [17,18] of the IOMUXC_GPR_GPR1 register we are not seeing the TX and RX bytes increasing.