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Signature and encrypt XIP

Question asked by tom fang on Mar 10, 2020
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We are running into a problem in RT1052 platform, my software system is bootloader + application, run as XIP, which both reside in flash but not next to each other. After running bootloader, MCU will jump to application area to run.

Bootloader has been encrypted by HAB signature, but which encryption method is available for my application? After reading your AN12079, I have some questions:

1. if BEE encryption (encrypt/decrypt XIP) has been applied on the application, can I download a plain image and debug it in this area by JTAG?

2. Does encrypt XIP happen at bootable image download?

3. If the application is only encrypted by signature, is it possible to make bootloader tell MCU to check the signature before jumping?

I just want to figure out how to encrypt a XIP application, any suggestions? Thank you!