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How to set Rx FIFO Mask?

Question asked by Byungju Kim on Mar 9, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by Byungju Kim

Dear NXP.


I develop with S32K144 and S32DS for arm with SDK3.0.0


If I want to receive CAN id 0x111, How to set the Rx FIFO Mask?


I set like as below.

But all ID can be received.(0x000~ 0x7FF)


canDataInfoTable[idx].id = idx;
canDataInfoTable[idx].isExtendedFrame = FALSE;
canDataInfoTable[idx].isRemoteFrame = FALSE;



FLEXCAN_DRV_SetRxFifoGlobalMask(INST_CANCOM2, FLEXCAN_MSG_ID_STD, (((uint32)(0x7FF)<<18u) & 0x1FFC0000u));

FLEXCAN_DRV_SetRxIndividualMask(INST_CANCOM2, FLEXCAN_MSG_ID_STD, 0, (((uint32)(0x111)<<18u) & 0x1FFC0000u));


Please let me know how to set the mask to receive the CAN ID 0x111.


Best regards,