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WiFi AP non linux platform

Question asked by Carl Norman on Mar 8, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Felipe García

Hi All,


We are looking at making a simple gateway router based on the IMX RT1060 with Ethernet + a 4G modem connected to the USB and Wifi AP.


We believe we have everything under control using uTasker / FreeRToS for all the product requirments other than the WiFi. 


The thing we need help with is implmenting a WiFi AP on the IMX RT1060 so people can use the WiFi as their gateway. We have no inhouse expertise on this and dont have hte time to "start from scratch" so we're looking for a quick solution to market.


Are there any non linux application examples for this type of solution based on C Code? Or possibly if you're an engineer with real experince in this exact area and have done this previously (outside of linux) maybe you can inbox me and we can have a talk about contracting this section of the design out