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QN9080 not entering PD0 or PD1

Question asked by Muhammad T on Mar 8, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by Estephania Martinez

Hello all, 
I'm trying to utilize the PWR_Interface to create an ultra-low power demo. 
The project does not operate the BLE , so I only need to try some peripherals without BLE. 
My problem is that I'm not able to get into PD0 or PD1 mode when calling PWR_EnterLowPower , and Im only allowed to enter Sleep mode, because BLE_get_sleep_mode always return kPmSleep. 

I do not wanna use the BLE , so Am I missing something in the initialization ? 
My sequence is as follows : 
      PWR_ChangeDeepSleepMode(3); /*Put in PD1*/
if(PWR_CheckIfDeviceCanGoToSleep()) /*Check if allowed to go to Deep Sleep mode (PD0 or PD1)*/
printf("Entering LP \r\n");
(void)PWR_EnterLowPower(); /*Ignore Wake-up Reason*/
printf("Entering SLEEP \r\n");
/* Enter MCU Sleep */