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HDMI input for i.MX8QM

Question asked by on Mar 7, 2020
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I have a couple of questions. 


1) Has HDMI input been enabled for MX8QM for Android OS ? If not, what is the ETA? 



2) Also, what is the typical application for HDMI input? Is it possible to overlay graphics over the HDMI-input before sending it out to HDMI-out ?  Essentially is it like a camera input ? 


From datasheet, I see that Rx may not be enabled yet. 

Datasheet :

  • HDMI-RX and SATA are not currently supported, the related power and signal connections are provided for future use when it is expected HDMI-RX and SATA support will be enabled.


Any documentation regarding above questions would be great. 


thank you!