Justin McCurdy

HC12 linker problem without CodeWarrior Error generated

Discussion created by Justin McCurdy on Apr 7, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2009 by pgo

I have been modifying the naming a declarations of variables without changing any of the build settings.  What I noticed is that CodeWarrior thinks it is building everything correctly (yes I did a clean followed by a make), but when I examine the .map file, I find that two complete code modules are missing from the .map.  These are the two modules that I modified variable declarations in.  If I do a diff on the old and new .map files, all references to these two modules are gone, even though the files are still listed in the CodeWarrior build list.  I did absolutely nothing to any file or setting except the two code modules previously mentioned.  Does anyone know what could possibly cause this issue?  There are object files associated with both of those modules as well.


I even verified that when loading the .s2 via P&E, it is substantially smaller than before which makes sense if for some reason the two code modules appear to be missing.


Thanks in advance.