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Connect s32k148 with Freemaster

Question asked by Fermin Mendoza Azores on Mar 6, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by Iulian Stan

Hello everyone,

I'm currently trying to connect the platform s32k148 with Freemaster with no luck. I have installed FreeMASTER Communication Driver and Freemaster 3.0. However, when I try to connect to the platform using the connection wizard in FreeMASTER I'm not sure how to configure the connection. Moreover, in the Device Administrator I can see that there is some issue with the drivers. If I understand correctly, the platform should be linked to some COM port, so when I download the code after build I use the same COM port (I have been using the OpenSDA interface for downloading the code to the platform).

Any help or links to guide me in the process is much appreciated. Thanks!



Fermin Chico