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IMX287 nicro SD card boot error 0x8020a014

Question asked by qmark on Mar 6, 2020
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I have a new custom board base on IMX287. It should be boot from SD card(connected to SSP0). I use Kingston 16Gb micro SD CARD. When I boot, I got some information from DUART port. Please see the attached image file. First, it shows "0x8020a014", and then "HTLLCbLLJbde". wait a while, it shows
Version 12.200306.1633

Hellow E1-


I set character "b", "d", "e" in my boot.s file for checking and set the "Version 12...." and "Hellow E1-" in my main.c. They all displayed on the DUART.


I have set "ENABLE_SSP_12MA_DRIVE" to high ( HW_OCOTP_ROM7 ) and SSP0_CMD connect a 10K pullup resistor.


It seems the boot is successful, but I don't know why it shows "0x8020a014".