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I2C communication with SE050

Question asked by Darshan Shah on Mar 6, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Kan_Li


I am using FRMD-K64 and SE050. I would like to do secure boot using SE050.

For this, I have injected a ECC key-pair in SE050.

Now I would like to get public key from SE050 in boot-loader. As I am changing in boot-loader, I would like to add minimal code so I choose to do plain I2C communication instead of porting SE050 middleware.


I have understood APDU format which required and t=1 over i2c protocol format. Yet I don't understand the sequence to do it. Like for test with GetVersion, should I directly write on I2C as below APDU in t=1 over i2c format?

I am using I2C_MasterTransferBlocking for I2C communication.