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MFRC630+ : issue with pulse shape according to ISO/IEC 14443A

Question asked by Ali MAIGA on Mar 6, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by IvanRuiz

Dear All,

On a reader embedding MFRC630+, after matching the antenna, we saw that the measured pulse shape according to ISO14443A is not conform. 

**** Without any tag near the reader

t1=3us, t2=0us, t3=2.4 us and t4=0.4us

**** With a tag near the reader

t1=3us, t2=1.34us, t3=1.8us and t4=0.6us


1. When should be measured the pulse shape? with or without tag?

2. What could be the impacts when the pulse shape is not good?

3. How to improve this pulse shape?


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