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LS1088ARDB_PB Secure Boot Fuse Provisioning For Development

Question asked by Rita Fang on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by Yiping Wang

I've been looking through the LSDK 19.09 documentation, and I wanted to double-check my understanding of how to enable secure boot for development purposes, without permanently blowing any fuses.


My target platform is LS1088ARDB_PB, and I would like to include both secure boot and OP-TEE and boot from SD card. In build_lsdk.cfg, I've set CONFIG_APP_OPTEE=y and CONFIG_APP_SECURE_OBJ=y.


Looking at section and 6.4.3 of the LSDK, I see that there's a Fuse Provisioning Utility that takes input_fuse_file if CONFIG_FUSE_PROVISIONING=y in build_lsdk.cfg. In input_file_file, I followed the comments and set OTPMK_FLAGS=1111, as I do not want to blow the OTPMK fuse. After that, I built the LSDK bootpartition, firmware, and rootfs using the automatic builder:

flex-builder -i clean

flex-builder -m ls1088ardb_pb

After that, I'm not sure about the rest of section 6.4.5:

  • How I put J10 to enable PWR_PROG_SFP? Does that refer to shorting jumper J10 on the board itself?
  • Do I need to put J10 f I am looking not to permanently blow fuses at this time?
  • Will following the instructions in,, and 6.4.6 be sufficient if I've set OTPMK_FLAGS=1111?
  • Are there any other steps I'm missing, or pitfalls I should watch out for? I saw that there's Minimal Fuse Provisioning that involves some other fuses, and there's another section in LSDK1909 about programming SRKH mirror registers for running secure boot. (